Frameshift accurately matches opportunities with suitable professionals, avoiding the ‘false-positives’ which frequently plague freelancers' inboxes. Opportunities will be highlighted only to appropriate professionals.


Professionals control what works for them in terms of rates, locations, scheduling and communication preferences. Frameshift already know’s when they’re free or busy, with convenient calendar integration. Set priorities, ask questions and post responses. Frameshift works tirelessly for you in the background.


Frameshift connects supply and demand 24/7 using discrete technology. We’ve built Frameshift to learn about its operating sectors and hired domain experts to build sector-specific workflow because we know, for vocational professional services, one size rarely fits all.

Built for collaboration
Precision control

Your flexible worker workflow in one place

Mobile Application

Have matched opportunities reach out to you! Research jobs and interact with hirers from right within the app.

Intelligent data insight

Gain insight into macro and micro trends, employ predictive analytics to drive your recruitment behaviours.

Bilateral Ratings

Hirers rate professionals. Professionals rate hirers. Transparent resources that help the parties make informed hiring judgements.


Location aware

Frameshift uses smart calendar and active location awareness to minimise 'false positives'.


Get notified of great matches but avoid annoying spam-leads. Engage in recruitment on your own terms.


We developed Frameshift with security foremost in our minds. We deliver precision control over sensitive data to ensure it remains confidential.

Our Team

Stuart Lawson

Dr Vishal Gulati

Adam Tulk

Dr Nawfal Al-Hadithy

Dr Simon Mordecai

Matthew Carr

Paul Cheetham


Frameshift is currently optimized for Healthcare with new sectors planned for the future.

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Frameshift was born in London but we can apply our technology globally and across all professional sectors.

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